24 September, 2021

Since the end of September 2020, the conglomerate of companies of the ICDQ Group, uses a new corporate identity that allows us to enhance the trust, image and positioning of our group in the market and update the brand, reinforcing its essence and focused on creating trust. in society, through a modern visual system.

For the rebranding process, we chose to keep the main elements of our brand: ICDQ in corporate blue. However, the previous reflection has been suppressed, the lines have been adjusted and a subscript has been created. This element allows us to determine a division, an activity or a Country; In addition, it allows us to transmit a message to today’s society, highlighting our potential, security and recognition.

The new logo is not a radical change, it is an evolution: ICDQ is constantly evolving and incorporating its main premises into its graphics: simplicity, agility, competence, personality and confidence.