Customer service

People serving people

This premise has become the slogan of ICDQ, as a certifying company. At ICDQ we know that the people working at companies are the company’s best asset. Each day we strive to provide the best possible service. Our main objective is to fulfil the commitments to our clients and ourselves while maintaining a standard of excellence in our social and work environment.

Why get certified with a certification body like ICDQ?

At ICDQ we make the customer’s needs and concerns ours, offering personalized solutions after reading their problems from their own point of view. We elaborate the service’s offers in accordance to your needs, with no fine print and with clear both technical and financial terms. The certificates issued by ICDQ are recognized nationally and internationally.

“… fulfil the commitments to our clients and ourselves…”

When choosing ICDQ, as the certifying entity of a management system of a company, client is sure the activities of a certification service will be carried out by qualified professionals with experience needed into the specific areas of the companies to certify.

What we offer?


Our clients trust us because the effort, perseverance and hard work every day of a certification organization at their service.


We as a certification company are aware are about the importance of our client’s time, so at ICDQ we have a fast certification process that reduces waiting times between phases. Your objetive is our objetive!

Technical competence and professionalism

We look for the excellence in our human team. We are staffed by a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified auditors with skills and specialized knowledge in the specific areas of the companies we certify.


We are close to our customers, we speak their same language, we make their needs and concerns ours, reading their problems from their own point of view, for offer personalized solutions technically competent and economically reasonable to offer the best certification service of a management system..

Certification process

At ICDQ we have developed a fast certification process that reduces waiting times between phases and guarantees controlled supervision from start to completion. This supervision ensures that all our staff members follow consistent criteria throughout the different phases to comply with client deadlines at all times, because we are aware of the prejudice that the unnecessary waiting times would cause.

Accreditations and Authorizations
ICDQ has necessary accreditations, authorizations and recognitions for ensure the technical competence and the nationally and internationally acceptance of its certificates. ICDQ offers you an organizational, operative and documentary structure in continuous growth and development.

Services designed in accordance with market needs and the guarantee of a maximum reliability and accessibility.

A high capacity of innovation in audit and business certification services.