19 November, 2020

One of the maxims of any organization that strives for excellence is the retention of talent. It has been proven that putting aside talent due to a lack of guarantees of equal opportunities is closing doors to continuous improvement of the organization and to everything that anyone can contribute on this path to excellence.

That is why, more and more, organizations are concerned about complying with the standards related to Equality Management Systems. The SGI (Equality Management Systems) standards are International Gender Equality Standards that aim to evaluate and certify your management system in terms of equal opportunities.

SGI has 4 developed standards that are based on regulations of different member states of both the European Union and the United Nations where the fundamental right of Equality is developed, collected from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, reaching the different directives that it has approved the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union.

The SGI 20.10 standard is compatible with current ISO high-level structure standards, such as ISO 45001. The purpose of this compatibility is to facilitate the integration of the new High-Level Structure (HLS) with any other system of management applied in the organization. It also establishes the requirements for a management system for equal opportunities at work, and its main objective is to allow an organization to organize, manage and control equality between men and women in all fields of the company, improving with its implementation. the performance of the criteria of equality, parity and non-discrimination.

The SGI certificate indicates that the certified company has established appropriate processes to guarantee Equal Opportunities in the company, Equal Remuneration and has adopted the necessary measures to avoid Discrimination and Sexual Harassment and / or because of sex, guaranteeing diversity of the different gender identities and the protection of people through a correct implementation of actions that allow both preventing and knowing how to act in the matter of Sexual Harassment.

The implementation of the Diversity Management System helps organizations to orient themselves on how to promote a company culture that takes into account inclusion, respect and non-discrimination for reasons of sexual orientation, identity and / or expression. of genre.

ICDQ offers the certification of this standard developed by Igualia and that will allow the interested organization to improve in the implementation and development of Equality Management Systems. You can contact us to receive all the information through the usual channels.