11 January, 2023

El Centro Nacional de Cirugía de Mínimo Acceso received the Quality Management System certification.

On 6 January, ICDQ presented the certificate to the Centro Nacional de Cirugía de Mínimo Acceso in the hands of ICDQ’s director general, David Galeote, and ICDQ’s representative in Cuba, Otto Ermus.

The handover was presided over by David Galeote, director general of the ICDQ Certification Institute, Otto Ermus, representative in Cuba, the director of the centre, Dr. Julián Ruiz Torres, as well as other hospital managers and staff.

The Centro Nacional de Cirugía de Mínimo Acceso in Havana is the national reference centre for minimally invasive and therapeutic endoscopic surgery.

The centre provides medical services to residents in Cuba and abroad, and has highly qualified and specialised professionals from prestigious international centres in Europe, Japan and the United States, which they deal with with a high guarantee of resolution.

This important healthcare centre is characterised by the sensitivity of its staff and the satisfaction of its patients, with an emphasis on discipline and order, setting an example for the rest of the country’s hospitals to follow.

The CNCMA is part of centres such as the Higher Institute of Medical Sciences dedicated to the training, education and certification of national and foreign medical specialists in the mastery of basic and advanced techniques of minimal access surgery, as well as the Science and Technological Innovation Unit responsible for the development and implementation of research projects and/or controlled studies for the evaluation of technologies and patents in the field of endoscopic surgery.

This internationally recognised certification responds to the work carried out over the years and which has served as a tool for the achievement of the mission and vision of the organisation and which are present in the daily life of the centre in order to respond to the needs and expectations of patients and workers.

Thanks to this achievement, the Centro Nacional de Cirugía de Mínimo Acceso is demonstrating its constant improvement of the services it offers and maintaining the prestige it has achieved for its commitment to healthcare.

Sobre ICDQ

We are proud to have delivered this certificate and provide our services to a health centre of reference in Cuba and help them to improve in the implementation and development of the Quality Management System, as well as demonstrating their commitment to quality performance in order to fulfil their institutional mission and materialise continuous improvement.

ICDQ, we are a private, independent certification entity with a global vocation and local services offering an advanced concept in the provision of certification, inspection, verification and validation services with three objectives: quality, professionalism and a high degree of customer service, and with more than 20 years of experience and an excellent team that reinforces the motto of our organisation “People serving People”.

Video extracted from the broadcast of the Sistema Informativo de la Televisión Cubana (Information System of Cuban Television)