3 March, 2020

On June
2018 was signed the approval of the CWA
17316 Collaboration Agreement
regarding the Smart CE Marking on construction products. This agreement defines
the features, guidelines and requirements that serve as the basis for the Digital CE
. This agreement meant an important advance in the
process of digitalization of the construction products industry.


The Smart CE Marking allows the information
regarding the performance of the construction products that must be declared
following the Regulation,to be done in digital format. That is to say, it
implies a common language and methodology for all of Europe that allow to
evaluate its products, guaranteeing at
the same time the transparency and availability of all the information
the declared benefits.

Advantages provided by the Smart
CE Marking

The purpose
of implementing
this marking
is to facilitate
access to product performance information through digitized tools
, by users
of construction products (project executors, contractors, end users and public
authorities) in an easy and simple way.

facilitates the entry of manufacturers to other markets, regardless of the size
they have, reducing administrative tasks,
which can be very favorable for exporters

For public
administrations it also means a progress since having this digitized
information can help them to establish
tools that support their public policies
, as well as to improve market vigilance thanks to
digital data access.

developers of IT solutions for building or civil works will have a single
format in which they will receive the information, which will make it easier
for them to make tools applicable
throughout Europe.

Construction sector has taken
another step on the road to digitalization

The era of
digitalization has finally reached the construction sector where manufacturers
of construction products play a leading role. The goal is now in the implementation of
the new optional CE marking system
with the aim of complying
with regulatory requirements. For this, the collaboration of all the parties
involved will be necessary. The first steps to be carried out will be the
revision of European standards, so that they can declare benefits in a coherent way with the strategy proposed by
the CWA.

will therefore have a key role
: thanks to the work carried out with the certifications
we will ensure that all those involved accomplish with the established regulations.