11 April, 2022

ICDQ has been awarded the contract for the Occupational Risk Prevention Audit Service at the Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu.

ICDQ has carried out this past month the Occupational Risk Prevention audit of the Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu for its certification.

Sant Joan de Déu chooses ICDQ for PRL certification

Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona is a center specialized in children’s and women’s health, dedicated to health, social and health care, social, educational and research through various facilities, including hospitals, mental health centers, centers for people with disabilities, for the elderly and for people in situations of vulnerability and social exclusion.

The activity and the high degree of specialization of the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu make it one of the most important hospitals in Europe and Spain that treats mothers, young people and children, as well as being the reference hospital of proximity in Barcelona.

The Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu is a private center belonging to the religious organization Orden Hospitalaria de Sant Joan de Déu, which manages more than 300 health centers around the world.

This hospital supports a model of comprehensive care focused on the assisted person and his or her social and family environment, with the objectives of promoting and improving people’s health and quality of life without distinction as to gender, beliefs or origin, and to create a fairer and more caring society.

The Hospital attends 3,543 deliveries, 122,275 emergencies, 18,250 hospitalizations, 11,680 major outpatient surgeries and 8,348 surgeries.

This center employs more than 2,100 professionals, whose way of working is guided by humanism and deeply rooted values, such as hospitality, quality, respect, responsibility and spirituality. In addition, they have non-health professionals and volunteers specially trained to work in the hospital environment to make the stay at the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu have the least possible impact on families.

The objective of the Occupational Risk Prevention certification at the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu is to have a proactive system model for the management of safety and health in the workplace based on preventive activities.

About ICDQ

For our company it is a challenge to provide service to a reference Hospital such as Sant Joan de Déu and help them to improve the hospitalization experience of patients as well as the health care they receive. Through the accreditation of Prevention of Occupational Risks.

We are a private and independent certification body with a global vocation and local services that offers an advanced concept in the provision of certification and verification services with three objectives: quality, professionalism and a high degree of customer service, and with more than 20 years of experience and an excellent team that reinforces the motto of our company “People serving People”.