7 October, 2020

Road safety audits are, nowadays, a tool to diagnose the problems presented by urban and interurban roads in relation to their safety, detecting possible inconsistencies and / or shortcomings in the design of all the elements that make up the road, as well such as the correct management of the same and the education and awareness of users.

Once the diagnosis has been carried out, the next step is the proposal of actions aimed at reducing the number of accidents due to causes attributable in some way to the road, its management or use with a minimization of the effects produced by the accidents.

What is the main objective of road safety audits?
The main objective of road safety audits is the evaluation and definition of potential risks of accidents on any type of road and its level of safety, during the planning, design, construction and commissioning stages, establishing a diagnosis of safety and proposing actions and measures aimed at eliminating or, failing that, reducing accidents, consequently minimizing costs derived from human loss or material damage.

ICDQ course related to road safety audits
This season at ICDQ we are premiering! We are very excited to have created the ICDQ Virtual Campus. Thanks to this Virtual Campus, students will be able to take our courses without having to travel to the ICDQ offices, thus allowing them the possibility of training in a practical way and, most importantly, adapted to the needs of the current moment. We minimize energy consumption, reduce emissions and help the reconciliation of students and teachers.

In February 2021 we will start the “Road Safety Audit Course in accordance with the ISO 39001: 2012 Standard”.

In this Road Safety Audits course, we will provide the necessary notions to understand road safety from all its perspectives, the adequate and correct management of road safety as well as the audit process based on the ISO 39001: 2012 standard, and at the same time , we will give the keys for the implementation of an effective Road Safety Management System.

In the ICDQ LEARING section of our website, you will find more information related to this course by downloading a direct file where you can find complete information about the course and the expert in mobility and road safety teaching that course.

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