28 June, 2021

For a few weeks we have heard in the media that there is an obligation to carry out a Remuneration Audit. In fact, this obligation exists since last October and you can find the information in this publication of the BOE:


Do we know what it is? How can it affect us? What should we do as a company?

What is the Remuneration Registry?

The Remuneration Registry is a document where all the remuneration information is collected disaggregated by sex, which establishes the jobs, the professional category of the company’s employees, etc. Salaries, salary supplements, as well as a justification for inequalities greater than 25% between the sexes must be specified. The European Regulation establishes 20% but in Spain 25% has been identified as a wage gap. Principle of the obligation of equal pay for work of equal value.

What is the Remuneration Audit?

The Remuneration Audit consists on auditing and recording in an audit report that this Remuneration Register complies with the bases of equality between women and men at the salary level, that is, that there is no gender gap between the workforce.

It must include a diagnosis of the situation, an assessment of jobs and an action plan through positive actions that resolve the inequalities identified.

What are the penalties for not having said record and audit report?

According to Royal Decree 902/2020, of October 13, on equality payment between women and men, the sanctions can be:

 – Economic, with significant amounts: € 6,000 and above.

 – Temporary closure of the company, until the remuneration record and the audit are updated.

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