30 November, 2021

Good morning everyone,

The reason for this communication is the presentation of Luis Tatay to the management staff of ICDQ in the position of Director of Operations and Operations of our delegation in Madrid.

Graduate in Biological Sciences in the Environmental specialty, by the Autonomous University of Madrid, Postgraduate in Environmental Engineering and Management, by the School of Industrial Organization (EOI) and Higher Technician in Occupational Risk Prevention. Specialty Safety, Hygiene and Ergonomics-Psychosociology.

His professional experience has been focused on third-party certification, and since the beginning of his activity in 1999, he has developed activities associated with the quality control position, technical direction and general management of the activities of certification.

With us, among other functions are those of establishing the development strategy of the services we provide, ensuring operational development, managing and administering the existing resources in the operation of our Madrid delegation.

I would like you to welcome him as you have done with all the people who have been incorporated into this small-big family that we are and that you request all the help that is necessary to be able to continue growing together as before.

A hug,


David Galeote