11 June, 2018

Last Wednesday the 29th of March ICDQ was delivered the certificate in accordance with the quality management system based on the standard ISO 9001 to the Platform of Affected by Hepatitis C. Mr Damián Caballero, Platform’s president received the certificate from Mr David Galeote, ICDQ’s CEO, in front of a huge group of Associate Members. The celebration was hold at Meliá Castilla in Madrid and was attended by Mr Gustavo Rodríguez and Mrs Nuria Palomares, sales director and Communication Manager of ICDQ respectively.

The Platform of Affected by Hepatitis C, State Association from 2014, acts in all State areas and is almost 3 years fighting for Hepatitis C treatments. This certificate has been achieved after an intense audit in which has been analysed all the organization of the PLAFHC (Platform of Affected by Hepatitis C) from the management board, human resources, volunteerism, procedures, projects, fund management, financial management, public image, etc.). Due to the great job and the successful completion of this project and by the results has been developed a continuous improving plan.

ICDQ, a private, independent certification body with both global and local vocation, founded for offer a new concept when providing certification services, with three goals: quality, professionalism and a high level of customer service.

The ICDQ Group conducts its activities in accordance with the principles of impartiality, competence, responsibility, transparency, confidentiality and providing a quick and efficient answer to our clients’ needs.

Delivering this certificate ICDQ strengthens its social commitment promoting organizations as PLAFHC (Platform of Affected by Hepatitis C) and raising awareness of society to a better future for people.

ICDQ wishes to congratulate Platform of Affected by Hepatitis C for the result of an effort and well-done job, as well as the confidence placed in the ICDQ audit and certification services.