8 September, 2020

There are many organizations that pursue continuous improvement with a single objective: excellence. For this, the results of the company are as important as the excellent management of the people who make it up.

To give necessity to these organizations, the passport of excellence in management and people project was born in which we want to lead Organizations to be able to integrate any management model in their strategy and in their day-to-day with high involvement of the management, controls and organization staff.

This project is the result of the experience and knowledge of five large entities: -Acció Preventiva, Europreven, Fahrenheit Consultors, Igualia, ICDQ- that contribute the experience of each of their fields to this project. The objective of this union is none other than to accommodate and recognize all those companies that differentiate themselves from the rest due to their high levels of excellence and continuous improvement.

Process of the Passport of Excellence in Management and People

The organizations will progress both in the management of the excellence of the people and in the related management models that allow them to have all the indicators of improvement in their results based on four major Passport Levels

The first level, with which the Silver Passport Certification is obtained, is aimed at examining and reinforcing the levels of leadership and awareness up to the middle management and is focused on organizations that are starting the project. With this level, organizations manage to achieve the basic management indicators, complying with the basic legal requirements in preventive and security matters of their processes.

At the next level, where the company obtains the Gold Passport Certification certification, a true preventive change is promoted in the direction and middle managers of the organization, allowing a true preventive culture to be deployed within the entity. At this level, organizations achieve security and sustainability management models in their organization.

If we continue to advance, the Platinum Passport Certification certification allows the organization to achieve levels of excellence management, addressing issues such as the well-being, happiness and health of employees, the integration of people with different abilities, the integration of management indicators in income statements or the analysis of the efficiency of senior managers from quality and safety to sustainability.

Finally, we find the last of the certifications: Diamond Passport Certification. In this case, a total implementation of preventive change management is carried out, where the best experts in integrated strategic systems will address all the necessary issues to achieve preventive and business excellence based on results.

In order to advance in each of the levels, compliance with management system models that can act as a guarantor that these organizations meet the levels of excellence necessary to progress in obtaining the different passports will be required.

What does each entity contribute?

ICDQ is the entity in charge of evaluating as an independent third party and granting the certifications that certify that companies really comply with the required business parameters, depending on the level at which they are. Acció Preventiva and Europreven, as consultancy in preventive methods and the second as an expert service in Occupational Risk Prevention, will carry out advice within the framework of the well-being, health and safety of the company and of all the people who work in it. Likewise, Fahrenheit Consultors offers its knowledge regarding the organization, management and optimization of both business and financial resources. On the other hand, Igualia, accompanies clients in equality and diversity systems in organizations.

Thus, this innovative project allows the client to have access to a comprehensive service that, in addition to improving their business and preventive management system, accompanies them in adapting their organization to new demands to create a sustainable future, where the main business asset, people, are aligned with the economic results of the organizations.