6 October, 2021

We present the new practical application course on the ISO 45001 AUDIT.

A 40-hour telematics course, where you will learn to control and improve the management of occupational health and safety in the development of an activity. The course program is organized into 4 different challenges.

This course is aimed at professionals from different fields (health and safety, human resources, engineering and production or general services) and who have the responsibility of implementing or actively participating in an SGSST, either from the beginning, or adapting one it already exists.

Course program

  • Challenge 1: Let’s define the OSH Management System
  • Challenge 2: Get to Work
  • Challenge 3: Let’s analyze the OSH Management System
  • Final Challenge: Let’s evaluate the SGSST

Duration (Telematic 40 Hours)

  • 8h Course introduction to ISO 45001
  • 32h Practical application to ISO 45001 and ISO 45001 audit

Dates: November 22-26, 2021


  • Become familiar with the concepts and definitions of ISO 45001: 2018
  • Understand and effectively and efficiently apply the requirements of ISO 45001: 2018. Refine the current ORP System of the organization to obtain an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (SGSST).
  • Continuously improve the SGSST implemented
  • Internally audit an OH&S management system


  • Full course: € 600 / Telematics Student 40h
  • Companies may apply the course bonus if they wish, up to the maximum allowed for the telematic mode

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