11 June, 2018

Last December 2016, ICDQ delivered the ISO 9001 certificate to one of the most prestigious organizations all over the automotive world, such as Jaguar – Land Rover Spain.
Eneida Gualdron, the Manager for Corporate Sales Customer received the ISO 9001 certificate from our Commercial Director, Gustavo A. Rodríguez, as shown in the photo.
ICDQ wishes to congratulate Jaguar – Land Rover Spain, for its great work and the project’s successful completion, as well as the confidence placed in the ICDQ audit and certification services.
Going forward, we expect to keep walking close to Jaguar – Land Rover Spain, in the pursuit of new successes and projects in Spain.

ICDQ_Jaguar_9001_1 ICDQ_Jaguar_9001_2 ICDQ_Jaguar_9001_3