9 September, 2021

This August, the Madrid City Council has awarded ICDQ the Certification of the Letters of Services and its Management system.

According to the UNE 93200: 2008 Standard, Service Letters are written documents by means of which organizations publicly inform their users about the services they manage and about the quality commitments in their provision, the rights and obligations that assist them. .

Transparency, commitment, responsibility and efficiency are some of the principles that Public Administrations must guarantee in the fulfillment of their obligations. Citizens have the right to know what services are provided and to receive them with the highest quality guarantee. Doing things well and doing them better and better is your obligation.

The Madrid City Council, as a local administration providing services close to citizens, is aware of this and assumes it as a priority. To achieve this, it uses, among other quality instruments, the Service Letters. In this sense, it has implemented a Service Charter System in the Madrid City Council, as a project that is developed in the context of its policies for modernization, quality improvement and transparency of public services, all of which are subject to audit and certification. by independent third party.

About ICDQ

At ICDQ we are proud to be able to carry out the certification according to the UNE 93200: 2008 standard and to contribute so that transparency, commitment, responsibility and efficiency continue to be a maxim in the Madrid City Council and its management.

ICDQ is a private and independent certification body with a local and global vocation, which was born to offer a new concept in the provision of certification services with three objectives: quality, professionalism and a high degree of customer service, celebrating this year 2021 his 20 years of travel. ICDQ strives, like the first day, to remain “People in the service of people”: this premise that they have made their slogan.