The ICDQ Group is the brand of the ICDQ Group of companies. ICDQ Group was founded with the idea of expanding internationally and exporting our know-how. ICDQ Italy was founded in 2001, followed by ICDQ Spain in 2003, ICDQ Albania in 2010, ICDQ Perú in 2014 and ICDQ Andorra in 2016.

The ICDQ Group,as a group of companies that offer certification services, has an extensive international network of collaborators and specialized auditors to provide certification services customized to the specific needs of each organization. We are people serving people.

The ICDQ Group has clients in major business sectors: logistics and transportation, government, education, health and industry, and clients in more than 10 countries worldwide.

The ICDQ Group constantly reviews and updates internal and external personnel certification skills through on going and specific training, and its priorities include the satisfaction of client organizations and establishing relationships based on transparency and customer service.

The ICDQ Group our international brand conducts its activities in accordance with the principles of impartiality, competence, responsibility, transparency, confidentiality and providing a quick and efficient answer to our clients’ needs.

The ICDQ Group is recognized, licensed and accredited by major national and international organizations. We guarantee the correct certification of national and international standards, according to the service that the client needs.

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