11 June, 2018

ICDQ has delivered the Quality and Environment certificates to the company Medioambiental Oitabén, S.L. For the delivery ceremony, our CEO, David Galeote, as well as the person in charge in Galicia, Jaime Rodrigo, has moved to the company located in Vigo. On the part of Medioambiental Oitabén, the certificates were received by its Director of Technical Office, Jose Villar, and Francisca Fernández, manager of the company. All the components of the team that made this achievement possible were also present.

The company Mediomabiental Oitabén is mainly dedicated to workshop work such as the sale, installation, repair and maintenance of pumps and pumping equipment, gardening works such as creation, design and maintenance of swimming pools, artificial lakes, etc., and works such as pergolas, grills, gazebos, and treatments against humidity.

The implementation of a quality management system according to ISO 9001 allows the organization to demonstrate its capacity to provide products or services that meet the requirements of the client and the applicable regulations. The certification of an environmental management system according to the ISO 14001 standard offers the possibility of systematizing in a simple manner the environmental aspects generated in each of the activities carried out in the organization, as well as promoting environmental protection and contamination prevention.

Medioambiental Oitabén thanks to these regulations, obtains benefits that are reflected in their products and allows them to continue growing and improving day by day.