11 March, 2020

Currently there
are companies dedicated to the Organizational
Health of Companies
whose main objective is to humanize companies so that people become the true engine of an

A group of
companies have taken part in developing a Strategic
Model to Humanize Companies
through which the organizational health of a
company can be improved and therefore gain competitiveness.

Are you prepared for the change
towards a more Human and Healthy business culture?

Human and Healthy Companies Model is based on a series of
requirements that analyze the programs implemented in an organization. The
objective lies in promoting the welfare
and happiness of employees
as well as healthy
lifestyle habits
in business environment.

This change
is possible and profitable for any company; so, if you want to attract and promote loyalty talent, bet
on this Model and on the welfare of your employees.

Get your certification and you
will enjoy the benefits offered by the well-being of your organization

Human and Healthy Companies Model allows to obtain a global vision of
all the actions carried out by a company in this sense. In addition, it
provides tools to integrate these actions into a transversal project.

One of the
main advantages of Human and Healthy
Companies Model
is that it does not necessarily require the implementation
of a Management System or the possession of a Manual. In other words, the model
is based on evidencing a Culture Change
that will be marked by the plans and
actions adopted
and which in turn will confirm that it is working under
standards established in the Model.

will allow evaluating
the evolution of the project
and in turn confirm the positive impact on
the Organization.

we have committed ourselves to this exciting project that ensures the
well-being of workers. As a private and
independent certifying company
our task will be to analyze each project presented to
resolve whether standards have been followed and thus be able giving the
corresponding certification.

We hope to
be able to issue a large
number of certificates
of Human and Healthy Companies Model, since it
will mean that the labor culture is moving towards a more human and healthier labor