8 February, 2022

ICDQ is in charge of auditing L’Institut de Diagnòstic per la Imatge for its Quality Management System.

L‘Institut de Diagnòstic per la Imatge [IDI] has awarded ICDQ the auditing service of its Quality Management System (ISO 9001).

Institut de Diagnòstic per la Imatge

IDI offers care, teaching and research services. They have any diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine service, as well as any other medical or clinical service related to the use and treatment of medical imaging.

In addition, it has a wide variety of centers located in Catalonia that offer services close to citizens and professionals, both in the field of hospital care and primary care. These centers have the most advanced technological equipment and infrastructures, and a highly qualified professional team.

This company contributes to scientific and social progress through the dissemination of knowledge and innovation by applying the criteria of efficiency, quality, guaranteed suitability and accessibility for patients.

About ICDQ

In ICDQ, we are grateful to be able to certify a public company and attached to the Administration of the Generalitat de Catalunya, as is the Institut de Diagnòstic per la Imatge and help promote innovation and develop new diagnostic technologies and contribute to the quality of management and that, undoubtedly, is reflected in the quality of service received by the citizen.