19 May, 2022

El Hospital San Rafael receives the certification of the Equal Opportunities Management System in the Company after the audit carried out with ICDQ.

El Hospital San Rafael de las Hermanas Hospitalarias del Sagrado Corazón has obtained the certification of the SGI 20.10 standard of the Equal Opportunities Management System in the Company by ICDQ after the audit.

Hermanas Hospitalarias del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús – Hospital San Rafael

The Hospital San Rafael is a hospital subsidised by the Catalan Health Service (CatSalut) and managed by the Catholic institution of the Congregation of Hermanas Hospitalarias del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús.

With more than 60 years of operation, the Hospital San Rafael has a long history of healthcare activity in which it stands out for its attention to pathologies of the locomotor system, internal medicine and psychiatry, among other specialities.

Today, this hospital institution is present in 27 countries with more than 350 social and health care centres and facilities, thanks to the commitment and dedication of more than 1,000 sisters, some 11,000 professionals and numerous volunteers.

The Hospital San Rafael de Hermanas Hospitalarias in Barcelona has been named one of the 50 best hospitals in Spain for excellence in care.

The objectives of care are diagnosis, treatment, medical or surgical resolution of the illnesses treated, follow-up and rehabilitation. It also includes health promotion and health education activities.

SGI 20.10, Equal Opportunities Management System in the Company.

The SGI certificate indicates that the certified company has established appropriate processes to guarantee Equal Opportunities in the company, Equal Remuneration and has adopted the necessary measures to avoid Discrimination and Sexual Harassment and/or Harassment based on sex, guaranteeing the diversity of the different gender identities and the protection of people through the correct implementation of actions that allow both preventing and knowing how to act in matters of Sexual Harassment.

In addition, SGI 20.10 is compatible with existing ISO standards with a high-level structure, such as ISO 45001.

It has been proven that leaving talent aside due to a lack of guarantees of equal opportunities is to close doors to the continuous improvement of the organisation and to everything that any person can contribute on this path towards excellence. This is why organisations are increasingly concerned about complying with standards related to Equality Management Systems, as is the case of the San Rafael Hospital in Barcelona.

About ICDQ

Para ICDQ es todo un reto poder proporcionar servicio a un Hospital de referencia como es el de San Rafael y ayudarles a mejorar en la implementación y desarrollo de los Sistemas de Gestión de Igualdad, además de estar contentas de ver como una institución tan importante tiene interés para promover la inclusión, el respeto y la no discriminación por razones de orientación sexual, identidad y/o expresión de género.

We are a private and independent certification body with a global vocation and local services that offers an advanced concept in the provision of certification and verification services with three objectives: quality, professionalism and a high degree of customer service, and with more than 20 years of experience and an excellent team that reinforces the motto of our entity “People serving People”