9 November, 2020

In the advancement and improvement of the services provided by the ICDQ CERT certification company to our clients, since last October 30 we have been accredited by ENAC (National Accreditation Entity) as an Environmental Verifier with Number ES-V-0019.

A community environmental management and auditing system based on the EMAS Regulation

It is a voluntary system that allows any organization, both public and private, to evaluate and improve its environmental performance and to disseminate timely information to the public and other interested parties. In addition, it takes into account environmental criteria in order to reduce the impacts that the company may have on the environment.

ICDQ CERT is a certification company with a clear and direct slogan: people at the service of people. For this reason, we have recently been accredited by ENAC to carry out environmental verifications in accordance with EMAS III, mainly constituted by Regulation (CE) no. 1221/2009 (EMAS) and its subsequent amendments Regulations (EC) no. 2017/1505 and 2018/2026 (EMAS).

Companies certified with ISO 14001 that want to adhere to EMAS must:

Conduct an initial environmental review.
Demonstrate that they comply with all applicable environmental regulations. The competent body in the process of registration in the registry of an organization consults the environmental authority on compliance with the environmental legislation of the applicant.
Identification of indirect environmental aspects.
Prepare and maintain an Environmental Declaration verified and validated by ICDQ as an accredited verifier.
Evaluate the environmental behavior of the Organization.
Involve workers in the continuous improvement of the system (Committee, Suggestion box, etc.).
Demonstrate that you maintain an open dialogue with the public and other interested parties.

From ICDQ CERT, we are at your disposal to materialize any certification initiative that you wish to propose to us. For complementary or additional information you can contact us through our usual channels.