29 July, 2020

One of the challenges of this decade is the fight against climate change. One of the main obstacles to this fight is energy efficiency. If we can be an efficient society, we will be a clean society that could consider maintaining the world in the short term. For ICDQ, energy efficiency and environmentalism are part of our DNA and we are proud to contribute to this fight through our certifications.

ICDQ socie de CEEC

That is why we are happy to announce on our blog that we have become Bronze members of the Clúster de l’Energia Eficient de Catalunya. This Cluster is an entity of more than 160 associates that belong to a great diversity of sectors and environment and that have in common the realization of products or services related to the energetic efficiency in the fields of the buildings, the mobility, the public services, industry and training.

You can find more information about the CEEC on its website:

We are very pleased to be part of this project or to contribute to the construction of this more efficient society.