18 June, 2021

At ICDQ we firmly believe in Sustainability and Preservation of the Environment and that is why we are proud to be able to contribute to it through our certifications.

From ISO 26000 to the verification of the Status Report of non-financial information.

We have a wide variety of services that respond to the needs of our clients in terms of sustainability. These Services range from ISO 26000, a Corporate Social Responsibility audit, to the verification of Non-Financial Information Statements, a mandatory report for companies with more than 250 workers. Both are services that help companies that enter into this process acquire a commitment to many social aspects, including sustainability and commitment to the Environment.

There are also much more specific certifications that evaluate a very specific aspect in which a company wants to work because it detects that it can make a great improvement.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

The reduction of the Carbon Footprint or the Water Footprint are some of the actions that a company can carry out to contribute to the fight against Climate Change.

This would be the case of Fraternidad Muprespa, who has contributed its grain of sand with the Reduction of the Carbon Footprint, this is the case of Fraternidad Muprespa, a company that has reduced its Carbon footprint by 75% in four years from 1,338, 2 tons to 331.5 tons of CO2. This year 2021, it has trusted the ICDQ to certify that this reduction is still in force.

ICDQ, a company accredited as an environmental verifier

The reduction of the Carbon Footprint is one of the environmental certifications that a company can apply for. Each company can contribute in different ways in the Fight against Climate change: it can be through a verification of the Carbon Footprint, the Water Footprint, the Forest Certification, PEFC ™ Chain of Custody, the Life Cycle Certification.

ICDQ is an accredited company as an environmental verifier so if, as a company, you are interested in knowing how we can help you contribute to the Fight Against Climate Change, contact us without obligation.