9 June, 2020

CUATRECASAS GONÇALVES PEREIRA, S.L.P https://www.cuatrecasas.com is one of the most prestigious law firms, offering a legal service based on excellence, obtaining results and commitment to the client and his interests.

We are extremely pleased to inform you that the prestigious law firm has exceeded the ICDQ audit to renew its Discert Certification.

ICDQ, certifying company of DISCERT Certificate

On March 2020, ICDQ signed a contract with the licensee company of the Discert Brand for Europe to be the external audit entity for Discert.

Discert is a European registered trademark
that allows Responsible Companies to be recognized with the Integration of staff with Disabilities, through a rigorous external audit and verification process without economic interests in the sector or in the integration of staff and with a high level of value added for organizations that hold it.

Which are the objectives and benefits of Discert Certification?

Certificate has the following objectives:

1. Recognizing Corporate Social Responsibility by integrating people with different abilities in the company beyond the legally established requirements and as a commitment of organizations within their policies. External verification and certification system by an independent entity with no interests in the sector

2. Scoring Scoring level of commitment in different management areas such as: Personal integration, exception measures, promotion in clients and suppliers, preferential purchase for special employment centers, integration of universal accessibility, transit
of personnel from special employment centers to the company, equal pay,
donations, collaborations …

3. Improving Commitment and social responsibility
constantly seeking excellence on the part of organizations, addressing
different aspects as part of the company’s strategy.

Thanks to obtaining and maintaining a company’s Discert Certificate, it evidences its commitment beyond mere legal compliance in the matter in public tenders, or to obtain aid from the Public Administration. Also, it improves its corporate image in front clients, consumers, suppliers and in general before society. Inclusion, integration, migration, purchase and selection of providers without
discrimination are included in their social responsibility policies in this matter, increasing services provided by special employment centers, their commitment to universal accessibility, among many other items evaluated during annual performance evaluations.

To sum up, Discert Certification will ensure that an organization enjoys Social Recognition as a company committed to society, through an absolutely independent and impartial seal to the interests of the sector with Quality, Effort and Commitment.

Our sincere
congratulations to Cuatrecasas!