Virtual training

Virtual training

What is it?
The progress of virtual training along the last years has evidenced the needs of regulation in this sector which is becoming the best option of training for those companies and employees wishing to be train constantly.

To whom is this addressed?
With the certification of educative actions based on this standard, is achieved the improvement of competitiveness and the training innovation based on the use of new information and communication technologies (ICTs). Thereby is guaranteed the project’s success, the fulfilment of quality standards of the contents and methodologies offered, the platform’s availability, the platforms accessibility and the knowledge.

The training actions included in the scope of the standard UNE 66181 are the ones designated both to the employees wishing to improve their current employment status and to people looking to get into the labour market.
The official training is excluded.

Benefits of educative actions certification
• By the certification the companies can prove its compromise in reaching the excellence of virtual training, provide reputation, renowned and added value to its training offer and position itself as industry leader against competitors.
• The students can acquire quality learning by choosing between the formative offer, those courses that are outlined for his interactivity and facility to assimilate and understand, besides the commitment of tutorial attention, the methodology and the resources to their needs, the employability against labour market and the availability of virtual environment to their disposal.


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