Verification of the State Report of non-financial information Law 11/2018

What is?
ICDQ as a conformity assessment body and verifier of sustainability reports in accordance with Global Reporting carries out the verification of the non-financial Information Status report in accordance with Law 11/2018. In this way we verify that the companies obliged to carry out this report can carry out the verification of the report by an independent third party without conflict of interest with the organization that prepares the report (consulting activities, training or accounting activities in the organization, as well as any other activity that is considered incompatible with the conformity assessment activities).

To whom is this addressed?
At all companies with more than 500 employees that are required by Law / 2018 to carry out the Non-Financial Information Status report.
Thanks to this service, the companies that carry out this report can take advantage of the information generated to demonstrate their contribution to environmental, social, personnel issues, respect for human rights and the fight against corruption and bribery so that they can measure, monitor, and manage the performance of companies and their impact on society in these areas of sustainability.


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