Small retail businesses

Small retail businesses

What is it?
The quality certification is suitable to sales activity and additional services executed in a commercial establishment, independently of kind of products or services traded.

To whom is this addressed?

The quality service certification is addressed to all commercial establishments with implemented requirements in accordance with UNE 175001, and that wishes to obtain a certificate of compliance, issued by an independent and renowned prestige entity.
Specially indicated for retail trade, are excluded those establishment which its main activity is the provision of professional services, as pharmacies, optics, manufacturing and repairs of products and services, restaurants and garages.

Benefits of the quality certification of retail trade services
• It improves the quality of offered services.
• It improves the commercial establishment management.
• It improves the image.
• It improves professional skills.
• It helps to reach the professionalism of the management in the commercial establishments, boosting human resources development.
• It provides to the customers a quality guarantee of the services.
• The commercial establishments with this standard differ by the quality service and the certification.

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