SGE21 Forética

SGE21 Forética

What is it?
Forética is the association of companies and professionals of CSR, leader in Spain. Its mission is to promote culture of ethic management and social responsibility. For this purpose, provides to the organizations, the knowledge and useful tools needed for develop successfully a competitive and sustainable business model.

To whom is this addressed?
It is addressed to any kind of company or organization which defines the ethic management and the business social responsibility inside its policy as fundamental element.

Benefits into the market
• Be part of an organization group pioneering in integration of the CSR in the organization’s strategy and management supporting CSR’s leadership and reputation.
• The certification reduces mistrust and enlarges the market opportunities.

Benefits with customers
• It minimizes the risk of unfair competition.
• It minimizes risk for the customer because the compliance of current laws.
• It strengthens the organization’s image contributing to linkage the brand with the ethic management and with the CSR.

Benefits for the organization
• The certification helps to prove to the different groups of interest a great commitment of the organization with the ethic management and with the CSR.
• The annual maintenance of the certification contributes to the continuous improvement of organization’s procedures and activities, improving with it its business and ethical responsibility, its compromise with the groups of interest and enlarges the team’s motivation.
• It minimizes the risk of organization’s operations and activities.
• It increases the client, suppliers, investors and employees recruitment, retention and loyalty building.