The service’s certification is a step beyond in the quality area, so it represents the mandatory fulfilment of standards, international recognized standards or based on individual specific criteria suitable to a concrete service directed to satisfy the evaluated customenrs by our audit teams.

The procedures and services certification is meant to prove to the market and to the regulatory bodies that an organization provides services which meet the established quality requirements.

For this is essential that the Certification Body who is providing services to be technically competent, independent and reliable. Around the world the conmpanies trust in the excellent name and recognition of the ICDQ brand, synonymous of technical competence, of guarantee in the provided services and of high quality level.

our specializations

  • Passenger regular transport
  • Small retail businesses
  • Food safety
  • Virtual training
  • Home assistance service
  • Quality in translation services
  • Funeral services quality
  • Quality in dental surgeries and dental services
  • Accessibility
  • Quality in people assessment service