Quality in people assessment service

Quality in people assessment service

What is it?
It is a specific European standard to ensure the people assessment service in all those companies, groups or people responsible of people assessments.

To whom is this addressed?
It is aimed to those people, groups or companies responsible of people assessment.

Benefits into the market
• It improves the company image on business social responsibility.
• The certification minimizes wariness and increases market opportunities.

Benefits with customers
• It minimizes the risk of unfair competition.
• It minimizes risk for the customer by ensuring the work procedures used in people assessment which improves the service’s providing.
• It improves customer’s satisfaction.

Benefits for the organization
• It ensures the employee’s evaluation procedures.
• It helps to take better hiring decisions and improve work groups improving then company’s service.
• It helps in the company’s organization, increasing its effectiveness and controlling the traceability of its service.
• It minimizes risks of recruitment, outsource and activities of the organization.
• It increase the client recruitment, retention and loyalty building.

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