CERTIFICATION AUDIT Quality management

CERTIFICATION AUDIT Quality management

What is it?
The implementation of a quality management systm in accordance with the standard ISO 9001 allows the organizations prove their capacity for provide coherently their products or services which satisfy both, the customers’ requirements and the suitable regulations.

To whom is this addressed?
The quality management system service is aimed at any type of company, whether that’s industrial or services, public or private, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), micro small and medium enterprises (micro-SMEs) or big firms, with an implemented management system and that wish to get a certificate of compliance issued by an independent and prestigious recognized entity.

Benefits into the market
• It improves the products, services and corporate image.
• It facilitates access to the new markets and to the international growth because of the trust generated between customers and consumers.

Benefits with customers
• It delivers defence against unfair trade.
• It enlarges the customer’s satisfaction and minimizes either external audits or external controls.

Benefits for the organization’s management
• It improves the effectiveness and the adequacy of the quality management system.
• It promotes the organization to get into a process of continuous improvement.
• It increases motivating and involving of employees minimizing work absenteeism.
• It allows resources optimization.

It allows integration with other standards as well as audit them together for optimize the certification process.

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