The accredited certification is the recognition of a major quality of your products or services, the opportunity to access to new markets and be present in the different activity areas.

In a more and more competitive environment, the companies need to apply market strategies to reach an effective differentiation of their products against from those of their competitors.

The product certification is a tool that enables the company to differentiate its products by a sign of quality supported by a certification body with renowned prestige, as ICDQ.

The free movement of goods is one of the deys of the single market in Europe and all over the World, and represents business opportunities for our companies. It is based on conditions as absence of barriers to trade, mutual recognition between countries and technical harmonization.

Our specializations

  • CE Marking construction products
  • CE Marking of masonry factories
  • CE Marking of mortars
  • CE Marking of aggregates
  • CE Marking of precast concrete
  • CE Marking of steels, electrodes, bolts and aluminium
  • CE Marking of geosynthetic and geotextiles barriers and sheets for waterproofing
  • CE Marking of adhesives and concrete structure protection and repair systems
  • CE Marking of bituminous mixes, surface coating, emulsions, bitumen and bituminous binders