Passenger regular transport

Passenger regular transport

What is it?
The standard EN 13816 provides guidelines to assume quality compromises on the services providing in order to satisfy customer’s expectations.

To whom is this addressed?
This certification is a useful tool for both operational public transport companies and public administrations aid for quality service for passengers.

The standard’s compromises should be assumed in eight areas:
• Time
• Comfort
• Information
• Accessibility
• Safety
• Service offered
• Customer service
• Environmental imapct

If any public transport offer wants to be competitive against other possible options, is essential answer regularly to claims and convey it with belief. This is how an operational public transport will be able not only to improve its service delivery but also its customer’s perception.

Beneficios de la certificación
• It is becoming a main requirement to reach public contests.
• Major user’s confidence in the transport service.
• Availability of controller service allowing with it cost savings and facilitating the continuous improvement.
• Proves its compromise with clients through measuring, following and improving of the service of reference.
• The transport service is guided to the passenger’s satisfaction.

Allows integration with other quality management standards, like ISO 9001, as well as audit them together for optimize the certification process.

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