Occupational health and safety management

Occupational health and safety management

What is it?
The international standard OHSAS 18001 establishes a set of requirements which allows an organization to control their occupational risks and to improve their efficiency in terms of health and safety.

To whom is this addressed?
The occupational health and safety management system service is aimed at any type of company, whether that’s industrial or services, public or private, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), micro small and medium enterprises (micro-SMEs) or big firms, with an implemented management system and that wish to get a certificate of compliance issued by an independent and prestigious recognized entity. The organizations are increasingly interested in reaching and proving a solid performance of occupational health and safety through the control of their risks in accordance with their objectives and their policy. It does this against a background of increasingly more demanding legislations of economic policies development, of other measures to promote good practices and of a greater concern of stakeholders in this aspect.

Benefits of an occupational health and safety management system certification
• It improves and encourages integration of preventive culture.
• The accomplishment of legislation on the prevention and its integration it in the procedures of the organization supposes a reduction of costs and of administrative penalties resulting of its failure. It also implies the improvement of organization’s internal management and of the communications between organization and employee, administrations and stakeholders.
• The perception by the employees of a safety environment minimizes diseases, lows or work absenteeism, increases productivity, reduces gradually accidents at work, penalties and unnecessary expenses.
• It improves corporate image providing with it a higher competitiveness and a better market positioning.

It allows integration with other standards as well as audit them together for optimize the certification process.

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