CERTIFICATION AUDIT Health and safety compliance

CERTIFICATION AUDIT Health and safety compliance

What is it?
It is a statutory duty established in the Labour Risk Prevention law for some companies as a tool to analyses both internal and external resources, the suitability of established systems for Labour Risk Prevention and the need for them to be changed or corrected.

To whom is this addressed?
Health and safety compliance is aimed to those companies developing preventive activities with own resources and those wishing it voluntarily. How establishes the Law 311, Prevention of Workplace Hazards and the Royal Decrees 31, approving the Regulation of Prevention Services and its changes through Royal Decrees 04200 and 332010.

Benefits into the market
• It fulfils the current laws.
• It improves the image in front of possible clients.
• It makes possible to reach to certain markets.
• It makes possible to participate in bidding processes of the State.

Benefits with customers
• It minimizes risk of unfair competition.
• It minimizes risk for the customer because the compliance of current laws.

Benefits for the organization
• It ensures the fulfillment of regulation and legislation on workplace health and safety.
• It allows a timely detection of those weaknesses which may give rise to non-compliance of current laws.
• Knowledge at all times the efficiency and application state of the preventive procedures.
• Evaluation of the prevention’s integration in company’s general management system through implementation and application of the occupational health and safety plan and its efficiency’s valuation.
• Once the audit has been done, the company obtains both the audit report and the legal audit supporting certificate.

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