Certification audit Quality for health care transport

Certification audit Quality for health care transport

What is it?
The quality management system certification for medical transport companies, guarantees the fulfilment of requirements of the standard ISO 9001 in the most critical procedures of patients transport.

To whom is this addressed?
This service is aimed to all those organizations of the market regardless its structure, organization, owner, size, kind of provided services, location or approaches locally used.

Strictly reflects all requirements of the standard ISO 9001 adapted to the area, following the scheme bellow
• Introduction.
• Definition of relevance for the document understand.
• Quality management system requirements based on the standard ISO 9001 including appropriate advices so that the medical transport companies can accomplish the mentioned requirements.
• Information annexes with example formats and registers referenced along the text.

Benefits of the quality management system for health care transport
• It responds to new claims of quality, security, liability and openness that have emerged along last years in the sector.
• It meets aspects related to teams, facilities, human resources, provided services and purchasing, always considering clinical and management criteria.
• It offers guaranty for professionals: responsibilities, functions and degree recognition, claims and complaints management.
• It optimizes and increases health and integrity protection of patients: special situations protocol, cleaning and disinfecting requirements.
• It distinguishes companies that have established the standard and provides a quality guarantee of the patient’s service.
• It increases the professional recognition of the sector in the society.

It allows integration with other standards as well as audit them together for optimize the certification process. The fulfilment of UNE 179002’s requirements guarantees automatically the accomplishment of ISO 9001’s requirements, so obtaining both certifications jointly in the same audit process, supposes by one side a significant saving for health care transport and by the other side the increase of advantages resulted of having both certifications.

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