CERTIFICATION AUDIT Good manufacturing practices

CERTIFICATION AUDIT Good manufacturing practices

What is it?
The standard ISO 22716 provides a global view for a management system and establishes guidelines for production, control, storage and shipping for professionals of beauty products manufacturing. Those guidelines are designated to provede a guide of good manufacturing practices in accordance with bases established by the new European Regulation for the beauty industry. Its goal is remove and prevent deficiencies to quality and its impact on consumers.
The result of it is an auditable and certifiable international standard, which establishes the necessary requirements for beauty products safety management systems.

To whom is this addressed?
The cosmetic industry has been always subject of audits and controls due to the manufactured products and most especially because its target group. However by now, had no a proper referential that will facilitate its management. It is a specific standard of beauty area and related industries. In other words, it affects to the companies that are involved in any stage of a manufacturing process. After European Directive 76/768/CEE change and the implementation of REGULATION (EC) Nº 1223/2009 of the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT and the COUNCIL OF EUROPE, the beauty product manufacturers must accomplish with good practices requirements (GMP, good manufacturing practices).

Main objectives
• It establishes a proper manufacturing control.
• It ensures the quality on the manufacture process, safekeeping and shipping of beauty products.
• It ensures the highest quality of the products.
• It reaches the utmost safety for the consumers.

Benefits for the organization
• It strengthens the corporate and its products image.
• It facilitates the law’s accomplishment.
• It promotes the exports increasing the confidence with it.
• It integrates typical requirements about procedure and product quality, requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices with other management regulation.
• It constitutes a base on the of quality and safety compliance along internationally accepted distribution chain of beauty products.
• It promotes the compliance of taken regulation by regulatory bodies all over the world.
• It manages and minimizes the beauty products hazard and promotes the continuous improvement along the distribution chain.

Due to its structure, the standard ISO 22716 is easy to integrate in any other management system as well as audit them together for optimize the certification process.

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