Funeral services quality

Funeral services quality

What is it?
The Funeral Service certification is a standard looking for ensure service’s quality providing the major respect for the deceased and its family and facilitating the frame for the fulfilment of current legal status underlining essential requirements in the control of provided service.

To whom is this addressed?
It is aimed to all those companies or organizations which provide funeral services.

Benefits into the market
• The improvement of the company image in the funeral services market.
• The certification minimizes wariness and increases market opportunities.
• It certifies the honesty, integrity and effort of the work developed by those companies in such a difficult sector as is the funeral one.

Benefits with customers
• It minimizes the risk of unfair competition.
• It minimizes risk for the customer by ensuring the work procedures used when providing this service.
• It improves customer’s satisfaction.

Benefits for the organization
• It ensures the quality processes of the service avoiding mistakes and improving its effectiveness.
• The regulation and its maintenance are focused to the continuous improvement of the company and its translation services, improving with it the work processes.
• It optimizes resources.
• It strengthens the professionalism of own resources.
• It minimizes risks in the organization’s operations and activities.
• It increases the client recruitment, retention and loyalty building.

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