Food safety management

Food safety management

What is it?
The food safety management certification service in accordance with the standard ISO 22000 is applicable to those food chain agents with an implemented management system and that wish to get a certificate of compliance issued by an independent and prestigious recognized entity.

To whom is this addressed?
The food safety management certification service is addressed to companies of manufacturing, processing and transformation food products; catering business (airline companies, schools, hospitals, catering); commerce, warehouse and food transport; manufacturers of packages, tools and other food usage supplies; manufacturers of additives of food use, powder for food industry and machines designated to food industry.

Benefits of the food safety management system certification
• The company proves its capacity for administrate a tool for prevent physical, chemical and biological risks of food handling.
• Clients and market conficence increases, because he company proves its usage of a food safety management guaranty tool of those foods which applies Codex Alimentarius international guidelines.
• The growth in opportunities of exporting food, to other markets with legal requirements for food safety, increases.
• It provides a confidence image to the customer.

It allows integration with other standards as well as audit them together for optimize the certification process.

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