What is it?
The Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) promotes the improvement of organizations’ behaviour from any sector. In addition to the advantages offered by the environmental management certification, those organizations who adhere at EMAS will obtain benefits both at internal and external level.

To whom is this addressed?
EMAS regulation, as well as the standard ISO 14001, purposes an effective routine for help organizations to manage continuously their environmental labour. However EMAS contains additional requirements to the standard ISO 14001.
A most relevant aspect which distinguishes EMAS is the Environmental Statement (a public document drafted clearly and concisely, which should include reliable and well-supported data about the organization’s environmental behaviour and the result of its actions, being a communication tool of environmental information).

Environmental benefits
• It improves the environmental management reducing the environmental impacts.
• It promotes ecologic innovation in the production processes.

Corporate image benefits
• Due to the existence of a public Register of bonded European companies managed in the European Commission, it provides increasing of business possibilities in to community area.
• Greater credibility and confidence in front of the external stakeholders so Public Administrations, citizens, shareholder, employees and other clients.

Economic benefits
• Economic benefits over the medium and long-term resulting from the optimization of environmental management aspects.
• It promotes involvement of employees in the company’s environmental management which motivates them and encourages the team work.

It allows integration with other standards as well as audit them together for optimize the certification process.

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