Certification audit EFQM committed to excellence

Certification audit EFQM committed to excellence

What is it?
It is a way for self-evaluation and determination into the of continuous improvement processes on public and private business environment.

To whom is this addressed?
It is aimed to all those companies which trough the EFQM self-assessment pr etends for more efficient management, the identification of strengths and weaknesses applied on different areas of the organization with a clear intention of continuous improving.

Benefits into the market
• It strengthens and improves the market’s image.
• It provides a clear idea about the compromise of the certificate companies and their position into the market.
• The certification reduces mistrust and enlarges the market opportunities.

Benefits with customers
• It ensures the goals fulfilment of organizational safety and the responsibility towards society.
• It shows to the stakeholder groups its compromise with quality and continuous improving.
• It provides to the customer a sense of security and good management.
• It minimizes costs thanks to higher efficiency.
Benefits for the organization
• It improves the business efficiency and its sustainable development.
• It ensures a correct management in the organization avoiding disasters.
• It helps on the company’s organization enlarging its effectiveness and controlling better the service’s traceability.
• It increases the client recruitment, retention and loyalty building.

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