What is?
The implementation of a quality management system according to the ISO 21001 standard allows educational organizations that carry out any type of training and occupational training to demonstrate their ability to provide training services that meet market requirements, customers and applicable regulations. with the highest level of international quality standards.

Who is it aimed at?
The certification service for quality management systems in schools is aimed at all types of public or private organizations that carry out any type of training and that have an implanted quality management system and wish to obtain a certificate of quality. compliance with international recognition issued by an independent entity and of recognized prestige accredited internationally by IAF member entities. Accreditation Accredits and IAS accreditation.

Benefits to the market
• Improves the image of the center and its training / educational services.
• Confidence in the market, administrations, students, legal guardians and users.
• It adds value to being evaluated by an independent entity without interests in the sector

Benefits to customers
• It is evidence of compliance with the educational programs, curricula, values, objectives and educational purposes of the center.
• Increases the satisfaction of students, legal guardians and users.
• Generates confidence in administrations and gives internationally recognized recognition.

Benefits for the management of the educational organization
• Improves the efficiency and adequacy of the quality management system applied.
• Encourages the organization to enter a process of continuous improvement in educational outcomes.
• Increases the motivation and participation of all staff.
• It allows to optimize the management of educational resources and increase the effectiveness of training actions.
• It allows an integration with other areas of management as well as auditing them in a joint way optimizing the processes of audit and verification of the educational, curricular and learning programs.
• Facilitates the involvement of all parties in educational purposes


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