Certification audit PRL LEGAL AUDIT – RD 39/1997

What is it?
It is an established legal obligation, in the Prevention of Labor Risks law, for certain companies, as well as a tool that serves to analyze both internal and external resources, the suitability of the systems established for the Prevention of Occupational Risks and the need to change or correct them.
To whom is this addressed?
The legal audit service is aimed at all those companies that develop preventive activities with their own resources and those that wish voluntarily, as established by Law 311 on the Prevention of Occupational Risks and Royal Decree 31, which approves the Regulations of the Prevention Services and their modifications through Royal Decrees 04200 and 332010.

Benefits into the market:
• Compliance with current legislation.
• It improves the image regarding potential customers.
• Possibility of accessing certain markets.
• Possibility of accessing state tenders.

Benefits with customers:

• It minimizes the risk of unfair competition.
• Reduces the risk to the client, by complying with current legislation.

Benefits for the organization:
• Ensure compliance with regulations and legislation on occupational health and safety.
• Detection in time of weaknesses that may lead to breaches of current regulations.
• Know at all times the effectiveness and the state of application of the preventive procedures.
• Evaluation of the integration of prevention in the general management system of the company, through the implementation and application of the occupational risk prevention plan and assessment of its effectiveness.
• Once the audit has been carried out, the company obtains: audit report and the certificate accrediting the performance

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