Certification audit anti-bribery certification

Certification audit anti-bribery certification

What is it?
The ISO 37001 standard for anti-bribery management systems offers organizations a series of measures to prevent, detect and manage criminal bribery behaviors in compliance with legislation and other commitments voluntarily acquired.

Who is it for?
To all types of organizations of any size, sector and nature, and regardless of their level of risk exposure who want to improve their criminal compliance system to provide a safe and reliable response to the provisions of national legislation (Criminal Code) and international legislation extraterritorial.

• It allows an integration with the compliance systems as well as with other referents and jointly audit them optimizing the certification process, since the standard includes the common structure of the ISO standards of the management systems.
• Ensures bribery crime prevention processes.
• Evidence the explicit and public commitment of the organization in response to the requirements of the standard.
• It gathers the best international practices and is applicable in any country.

Granting of marks and certificates
Once the process is over, the organization obtains the certificate of conformity of the Anti-bribery Management System in the organizations, in accordance with the ISO 37001. Requirements and External audit report.


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