What is it?
The implementation of a certified Accessibility Management System is focused on guarantee to everyone, no matter age or disability, the access to any built environment, reaching then the same use and benefit of services provided as independently as possible.

To whom is this addressed?
It is aimed to any company or organization wishing to ensure and show its social compromise with the equal rights and opportunities for everyone regardless of their capabilities.

Benefits into the market
• The improvement of the company image.
• It proves the company’s social compromise.

Benefits with customers
• It ensures equal rights and opportunities regardless of the customers and their capabilities.
• It minimizes the customer’s risk of not been able to access into his facilities or use his services.
• It improves customer’s satisfaction.

Benefits for the organization
• It ensures facilities, services and measures to improve the employee’s efficiency independently of their capabilities.
• It optimizes company’s resources for clients and employees with independence of their capabilities.
• It minimizes the risk of accidents produced by a poor accessibility.

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