30 September, 2020

The Quality Management System certifications are important for excellence, they set guidelines and paths to follow that undoubtedly make the companies that undergo these processes much better.

Today, we want to take advantage of the space we have on our blog, to talk about ACEROS BERGARA, a company that we have recently renewed the ISO 9001 certification and is characterized by its excellence. This organization already passed the initial audit in 2014 without any NN.CC and since 2016 not only have they not incurred any NN.CC but in each report we have been able to highlight their approach to excellence and continuous improvement that they are polishing and improving on the system.

At ACEROS BERGARA, they understand certification processes as a win-win process and ICDQ becomes a great ally in this entire process.

In addition, we want to highlight different actions that are carried out in this company in favor of excellence:

  • They have launched a process of identification of Work Climate now in the Service Center to later extrapolate it to the rest of the company
  • There is a Pro activity of the Logistics Department such as the deployment of indicators of the Logistics Department both at an operational and economic level, something that will undoubtedly improve the quality of the service.
  • They have promoted the “Working Groups in Process” tool, something that improves the functioning of their system.
  • The existence of an excellent risk analysis carried out in all the processes of the organization, which allows them to work on continuous improvement.

It is also essential to highlight the involvement of the Management in the data analysis carried out in the System Review and its full knowledge. It is essential that the management of a company trust these processes to achieve the level achieved by ACEROS BERGARA.

In the words of its Quality Director, Montserrat Velasco, “Quality is our philosophy. Through it, we promote continuous improvement in all our processes based on three pillars: safety and good practices, the quality of our products and excellence in service to our customers. “